Friday, December 1, 2006

The Fire starter flashlight, part II

So many people have emailed me saying "How do I get one", "How do I make one", or "I don't believe it, I need more proof". Ok, I'll try to answer all three of those.

First, more details about what makes this flashlight unique. Yes, it is a real flashlight, there's no trickery, no hidden matches or lighters, and it's not touching something hot, and it really is bright. Here's a shot of the flashlight disassembled to the point of batteries being out:

And here's a closer-up shot of the business end of the light. You can see the bulb sitting inside the non-stock reflector.

As far as how to get one of these lights for yourself, Mac's Customs is where I got mine, and Mac is a regular on He can make you one of these lights if you ask him nicely...

If you want to build one for yourself, it is possible, but I would highly suggest doing some reading over at CPF before attempting this. There's a lot of subtleties, and a lot of mistakes could be made that you can avoid by reading CPF.

Lastly, I'm happy to do more videos to show the awesome power of this light. Post a comment here with what you think would make a believable video and I'll go ahead and make a video gallery.

And the 900 horsepower musclecar ride is still keep checking back!


Dogfish_101 said...

i still can't get one, were is mac's customs, all i find is some blank website that doesn't make sense, please help!!!!

Anonymous said...

A) what happens when you shine it in someone's eyes?

B) could it cook an egg?

c) Spray a bunch of Pam on the ground and see if just shining it will cause it to light.

d) wood? bark? could you take it camping to start an easy fire?

Anonymous said...

maybe u should just stand it up and then roast marshmellows.

Grady said...

Things to try out:

Use it at night to show the real power

Melt a GI Joe!

A glass of water...see if it steams/boils

A distance test

Go to a bad neighborhood and defend yourself with this alone

Eric said...

Can you do a video where the flashlight is a little further away from the paper? Like, not touching it?

John said...

I would like to see if the flashlight can cook bacon or other meat.

Christian said...

Live mice!!!

Anonymous said...

whats Mac's username on

Ript said...

Its a projector bulb, and 12 SMALL NmHi batteries in series. I doubt run times abd much more than a minute or two.

MrRDJun01GO said...

Go to a city Fire station with a local engine# and crew and stage a fire demo with your flashlight. That will do it. Have you tried using a magnifying lense at the tip of the flashlight to narrow the beam to a concentrated point like a laser?


Mr. Jun

Josh said...

That's pretty awesome... Nice build!